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Curiosita is a collective formed by Lokesh Manimohan, Sarah Poot and William Riche. 

Three colleagues in their Master of Architecture with a shared curiosity, eagerness to learn and similar ideals. It all started on the terrace of a bar in Brussels with some good Orval. A lot of interesting discussion eventually ended up in the creation of a collective. A collective that would actually act upon these ideals and the curiosity on our exciting world of architecture and urbanism. To look at the world through the eyes of a child... 


Making the vertical garden elements. Hammering nails into wooden bars. William & Lokesh


Re-use of plastic bottles, water van flow through

to nourish the one beneath.

The aim of Curiosita is starting from the idea that architecture and urbanism is a reflection of society. And therefore it should be linked to all disciplines beyond our (sometimes narrow) world of architecture. First we organized a series of lectures and debates. And then later on we had the chance to start up our very own project. We got the chance to participate to Parkfarm in 2014. Our project, called Public Room was a kind of satellite project of this participatory project for productive green in the city.


Encouraging the kids to make their own street a precious place.


A neighbour watering his new mint plant.

Public Room reflects on the street as a living space. Taking place in the fragile neighborood of Brabant/Aerschot, the project works on participativeness, recycling and public cleanliness. It successively moves the focus from the street (infrastructural space), to the garden (productive space), to the living room (space of interaction), to the dining room (space of sharing).


Over summer, three events invite the neighbours of three streets to claim the ownership of this disregarded space over its punctual users. The Garden Party introduces a mint garden on one of the facade of the Liedtstraat. The Tea Time gathers inhabitants to share tips on the use of plants in daily life. The Public Dinner engages with cooking and sharing a meal over the mint theme.


Workshop, making the vertical garden elements.


A super nice neighbour bringing some mint to support the project. Sarah receiving the mint.

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