timing: 2019-present

Location: Zonhoven, BE

Architecture: William Riche & Saskia Horions

Client: Private

Status: Execution

Footprint is a renovation project of a single family house in Limburg (in the east of Belgium). Transforming a traditional post-war pitched roof house, to undress it right down to its essence. And in doing so, making the footprint of the house smaller than it was before. Making it a statement in the efficient use of (open) space in full awareness of the scarcity of space in the world. 


Undressed to its essence


post-war pitched roof house

Footprint: 128,55 m²

Total surface: 167,50 m²

Footprint: 112,70 m²

Total surface: 170,78 m²

Reducing the footprint of the house by 13% but augmenting the useful inside suface. Leaving more room on the outside for water to infiltrate, grass and trees to grow, insects to extend their habitats.




Axo: impression of the new building.

From the outside, the old will not be distinguished from the new.

Floorplan +00

Situated in the curve of the street, side becomes front facade.

Floorplan +01

Floorplan +02

Entrance, double high, direct connection to the garden.

On the inside, the old is distinguishable from the new.




Garden room

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